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Sep 30 2014

Is There Such A Thing As Instant Money, Online?

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald in Uncategorized

Yes there is, but it’s time consuming and it’s boring.

Having said that, my mind is drawn to thoughts of call centres, where they may deal with complaints, customer service, bad debts, enquiries, etc. etc.

Oh my God! What about those poor devils who call us ,to sell us things. You know how they all starts. How are you today? They say while mispronouncing our names.

It sounds more than boring. It sounds like torture to me!

So, does that mean that, filling in surveys, online is a better choice. Well, I suppose it does, but does it pay, and how does one go about it?

It can suit a lot of people, but such people have to be self disciplined, which is not easy for most people.

If you can handle a call centre type of job from home, it can be done.

But, there are pitfalls: Like any job, you must put in the hours, let’s say a minimum of six hours a day and five days a week. Those hours must be rigidly stuck to in order for you to make a living.

When you’re at home, it’s so easy to be diverted, and diversions must be resisted, because lack of such resistance will cost you money, instantly. Work at home mothers, for instance, need to schedule their time for when the children are at school or asleep, which means that you may be working in the evening or at night.

You get plenty of surveys to complete, and they’re all much the same, some pay more than others, but they are all as boring as an unfunny comedian! If ever you should feel bored silly, just tell yourself that it’s only temporary, and it’s just until something better comes along.

Participants have usually only ever been employees and don’t understand why they are asked for a fee of approx. thirty dollars to get the information they need to do the tasks.

Most will understand when it’s explained to them that it costs money to do the necessary research to provide a platform to work on. The information provider only gets that one fee, you get one hundred percent of all the survey fees, and you will be fully self employed.

The information provider is just that, and you will be paying for that information that allows you to save hours researching the subject yourself. If you think that it’s worth spending two or three days researching to save that money, go right ahead. If you know how, that is!

More information is available here:

Surveys are not the only choice. Helping large companies give away free gifts, is another.

Marginally less boring, the discipline required is much the same, and not only can you make good money, there is an additional money making option for you to consider. And, this one is free to join:

If I were stuck on the treadmill, I would put in a lot of hours and do both. In a matter of three or four months I would be off the treadmill and so could you be. Best of luck.





Sep 29 2014

Why do 98% of Internet Marketers fail?

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald in Marketing Tips

Deciding whether or not to become an Internet Marketer (IMER) is not necessarily, but often, a decision made by the least qualified to judge.

After all, how can we expect a, a lorry driver, a building site worker, or a window cleaner to go into a whole new and highly specialized profession and succeed?

Do such people succeed in IM?

Yes they do, and some become millionaires, and even multi-millionaires.

Okay, what about doctors, accountants, lawyers, librarians, engineers etc.?

There’s no difference in the chances of both those groups, everybody has an equal chance of success, success in becoming a part of the two percent who succeed.

Only two percent?

Two percent is, in fact, not by any means as bad as it looks.


Because, succeeding at Internet Marketing is as good as becoming the CEO of a medium to large company.

A lot of people haven’t the commitment or the confidence to aim so high. Many will consult the least qualified people for advice. When we consult out family and loved ones, often they will make a judgement for which they are absolutely unqualified.

Often, they’ll say “it won’t work” or, “it’s may be a scam” or, “we can make do with what we’ve got” or don’t take chances, etc. etc.

Why do they say that? Because they love us and they don’t want us to get hurt, sometimes it’s because we may be seen as their livelihood and they don’t want their income to be put at risk.

All these are very powerful persuaders and will, in my opinion, account for a huge percentage of the drop out rate.

There’s no doubt about it, success only comes with commitment, persistence, perseverance and the ability to make ones own decisions.

What about, if the programme doesn’t work?

That just means that you’ve chosen the wrong programme. There are many things that you must look for in a programme, and you must learn to look for features that are required for a successful programme. Experienced Internet Marketers know this and aspiring IMERS had better learn fast! A good mentor will know and advise you.

You are required to use your own judgement.

Are you capable of that?

Or, are you going to squeal. “It doesn’t work”

If you are a person with some vague idea that you would like to give up your job because you don’t like it, and start your own online business so that you can work at home. Hoping to transfer from one job to another and get money out of it, of course it won’t work!

That naive thought is what motivates most of those ninety eight percent, most of whom fail. Well of course they fail, and it’s because they’re a damn nuisance.

If you can’t stand on your own two feet in terms of discipline, self motivation and financial management, YOU CAN’T DO INTERNET MARKETING!

And, if you get involved with a good mentor, you will be no more than a pest!

Many who have tried it say, “It doesn’t work”.

Do you mean that “You can’t do it”? Or, “It’s too much for you”.

Do you collapse when you read the first negative review?

Do you expect to succeed with a programme just because you joined it?

Are you afraid to succeed because it would take you away from the familiar?

Are you afraid to fail because of what people may say?

There are many more reasons, but these will be enough to make my point. We’ve eliminated all those who don’t want to work, expect something for nothing, listen to people who don’t know what their talking about, and those who fear both success and failure. And, of course, those who would like to make more money but just can’t do it, God bless them and help them, nobody else is likely to.

Most people will never live their dreams; We started with a ninety eight failure rate, didn’t we? I think that I’ve eliminated most of them!

We are now left with people who want success, are dedicated, committed, prepared to work and be guided by those who have already done it, (that’s very powerful). Such people very quickly learn what to look for in a programme.

I’ve covered some pretty strong stuff here, food for thought, that is. If you want to succeed and you can see that any of the negative stuff mentioned above applies to you, you have to face it before you start.

For instance if you’re afraid of failure you must face it full on, ask yourself, why. What is it that I’m afraid if? When you know what it is, you can face it, and decide whether on not you can fight it. If you can’t, keep cleaning those windows!

If you can overcome all the negatives mentioned and you posses all the positives, you have not got a measly two percent chance, you’ve got a one hundred percent chance of success, in my opinion.

Sep 21 2014

Quick Money, Fast Money, Easy Money.

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald in Marketing Tips

That depends what you mean by Fast Money / Quick Money, doesn’t it?

Easy Money, that’s different, because it can only be easy if you have the right programme and the right mentor.

You are going to get a shock if you think that you’re going to get a regular pay
cheque when you first start your own business.


Because, it takes time! We must be prepared to give it time while we work at it. That’s why we need to hang in to the job while we build it up.

Experienced business people know that it is a big mistake to expect to commissions to come in like a paycheque.

When we work for somebody else, employee mentality and behaviour is what is expected of you and is a part of the deal, we are used to being told what time to arrive, what time go to lunch, return to work and what time to go home, and we have to make sure that we work efficiently for all the time.

That why we get the security of a pay cheque. The problem is whether or not the amount of the pay cheque gives us any security, isn’t it?

We can only hope that they get plenty of money for that kind of servitude. If you don’t you might want to give some thought to what I’m going to write below.

First we must understand that starting a business and developing it takes time and doesn’t start with income that comes like a monthly pay check.

Of course we all want it fast and easy, and it is! Two to three months is fast! But, for the first twelve months it won’t be easy, it will be hard work, but not as hard as the work you have to do as an employee.

Those who do accept what is written above have a good chance of making it. Those who don’t accept what I’ve written above will join the 98% who fail at their attempt at freedom.

Some of the failures will say: “It doesn’t work! It’s a scam” etc. etc.

Most just didn’t get the right guidance, some chose the wrong programme, most expected regular money too soon. With the correct guidance, many more could have made it.

How can you tell which is a good programme?

Okay, a broad rule of thumb is coming up, right here:

Outstanding products, (my preference is digital products), high commissions and team of expert marketers running the programme. Experts who will give the benefit of all their knowledge is essential!

I mentioned “Marketing Experts”. Watch this video, and listen to this guy, who is a very good example. Click the link, enter your email and it will be sent to you.

Not to be missed:

We, not only, want high commissions, but high commissions on high priced items.

Isn’t it difficult to sell high priced items?
No it isn’t! If they are quality products it’s a damn sight easier!

Don’t make the same mistake that I and many others did who think we knew best, when we decided to go it alone, because you’ll be making a big mistake. A good mentor will advise you very closely and guide you through this minefield.

My last point is the most important.

It takes the same amount of time to promote a product that pays you $1,000 than it does to promote a product that only pays you $29.

Quick Money, Fast Money, Easy Money.

Sep 19 2014

Online Income, Blogging and Money Making Priorities

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald in Marketing Tips

Or, how we can screw everything up just by doing things the wrong way around.

You could go on for months and even years doing all the right things; having a good product, using some of your down time doing all the right things such as listening to daily motivation audios, listening to audios in the car instead of listening to background rubbish in the car.

I often sit on the train or bus next to somebody who is listening to bang, bang music on their smart ‘phone. What a catastrophic waste of time!

What else could they do?

They could learn a language, listen to a novel or a documentary on a subject they’re interested in. But no, it’s bang, bang music, maybe for two or three hours a day! Surely that’s the way to become utterly boring and be totally undeveloped.

It sure as hell stops them form doing any thing to improve their lives. Perhaps they don’t know any better. Perhaps you don’t!

The fact that you’re on this page indicates that you do, and you want to know more about how to improve your life. If that’s the case; pay attention, because there’s a whole new life waiting for you, and it doesn’t matter who or what you are.

But you must get your priorities in sequence, and the most important sequence is your daily one.

When you’ve decided how you’re going to promote your business; that’s writing a blog or paid for advertising; your day must start with either writing that blog or checking and placing your online or offline advertising, (don’t underestimate the offline stuff).

Personally, I get up; grind the coffee, put it in the machine and turn it on, take a shower, have my breakfast and put a cup on my desk. Then I write my blog.


Because it is the life blood of my business; without it I wouldn’t have a business, and that is why writing my blog is the first thing I do when I sit at my desk.

I would not dare to look at my email first, because I would get tied up looking at all the different offers, well not all of them, because it’s easy to separate the wheat from the chafe, and some messages demand answers, which takes time.

The blog comes first for me; paid for advertising would come first if it was my priority.

Don’t even bother with free advertising in any form, because it will break your heart and your spirit. Have you heard of people who have been trying to make a living online for three or four years and got nowhere?

Well, you can be sure they’ve been using free advertising. Learn about free advertising here. Blogging is, of course, is almost free but that’s a very different matter.

Almost free?

Yes, I pay $6.25 a week to use the most successful blogging platform in the world. See it here:

Let me tell you something; I resisted writing a blog for about two years, because I didn’t think I could do it. Weeeeeeeee! Look at me now.

After all, apart from writing business letters, I hadn’t written anything since I left school! But when I attempted it, I managed it, it took me some time admittedly, but I soon picked it up and now it takes me about two hours, and it brings me a lot of traffic. And, It’s FREE. (Almost.)

If you want me to show you how, I will, but first go here and find out all about the blogging platform and then, sign up.

Click the link to find out more, because you can do it. Have faith and click the link:

Online Income, Blogging and Money Making Priorities

Sep 18 2014

Why Am I So Broke? — Or, Broke on Payday Again.

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald in Marketing Tips

Why Am I So Broke?

That’s simple —- You don’t know how not to be broke!

You may as well ask; why can’t I play the piano?

That’s obvious and simple isn’t it?

You didn’t take any lessons.

So, now you know the answer; don’t you?

You’re broke, because you haven’t taken any lessons on how not to be broke.

If – if – if you have got the message of the above imaginary exchange, you’re problems are over!

If you haven’t, you’re going to stay broke! And, you’re going to have to suffer that shit job until you die.

Have you ever wondered how an old school friend or a neighbour has done so well, while you haven’t?. It’s because they took the trouble to find out how to do it and you didn’t!

Now you know why!

So, are you going to do something about it?

If you don’t; it will be you and yours who will pay the price; every day, every month, every year.

In fact you and they’re paying it at this moment.…-go-hunting-or

Imagine this; in a few weeks time you wake up with a feeling of real joy and enthusiasm. The sun is shining through the cracks in the curtains; it’s going to be a great day.

You can’t remember when you last felt so good, so excited, and you just can’t wait to get to get to work.


Because it is today that you are going to tell your employer that you quit; it’s the day that you are going to hand in your resignation.

You are wondering whether or not you can do any work for the hour between you getting to work and him getting to work, because he sure doesn’t get to work at the same time you do. Why should he? He’s the one who pays others to do the work. Of course he usually goes home a lot earlier, too, to a house twice the size of yours.

You began to suspect that this day was coming a few weeks ago. That was when you realized that the project you had just got involved in was going to pay off.

Now you’ve arrived at the day when you just don’t need the job any more, because your new income by far exceeds your salary, and you can see that it’s going to keep coming.

Oh boy, what a feeling! You haven’t decided yet, whether you’re going barge into his office and slam it down in front of him, or just hand it in. That will depend on whether or not you like him. It’s your choice, something you didn’t have before.

Either way you’re going to feel great.

Let me ask you a question. How does it feel?

How does it feel? You’re going to say: It’s one of the best days of my life.

Everyone would love to have that feeling, but they don’t know to get to it, and you now know the reason why. It’s a feeling that everybody wants to have, but are quite incapable of achieving.

So, how can you actually get to that point? Go to the following link:

And, listen very carefully to what is said on the video, get involved, and follow the instructions.
Not only will you change your own life, you’ll also change the lives of others, just as I’m doing right now! CLICK THAT LINK NOW!