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Nov 18 2014

Internet Marketing and the Capture Page

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald in Internet Marketring

These lead capture pages are the ones that I’m currently using. They all

came from FCP and they are enabling me to market three of my most
successful programmes at the moment.

Are you trying to get me to join three programmes at the same time?

Well, please yourself, but that’s not what I’m up to, at the moment.
What I want to point out is the sheer professionalism of the pages.

It’s blatantly obvious to me that use of these first contact pages, not only,
dramatically increases my sign up rate, it means that I don’t have to design,
host or construct the best capture pages that I’ve ever seen.

And… A very big AND…

Every online marketer needs these pages. Yes, every single one.
Remember the gold mining adage: “In a gold rush the ones providing
the picks and shovels are the ones who become rich!”

So, not only do we get the enormous benefit of using them, we can sell
them and make $100 a pop.

Here are four of the pages I mentioned earlier, put your details, in the top two
and you’ll see another sixty six of them. (They can all be yours in five minutes time.)





Take a look at them all, and prepare to elevate your marketing image and
your credibility, up several points.

Remember, if you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, you’ll keep
getting what you’ve always been getting. Inaction gets you nowhere and
only earns contempt from others.

Get and provide your customers with something that will really help them.
As Mr. Punch said: “That’s the way to do it.”

Get them here:

One more thing, setting these pages up for your own projects is dead easy,
but if you have any problems, I’ll personally show you how to do it.

All the best,

Peter Fitzgerald

Contact me any time:

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From any other country: +44 207 388 8358

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Nov 10 2014

Internet Marketing and the Bliss of a Funded Proposal.

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald in Internet Marketring

What’s so blissful about it? — I hear you say.

Because every bill, credit card payment, mortgage payment , car payment etc. etc.
is covered before you lift a finger.

That’s why.

Let me ask you a question.

Do you know what a Funded Proposal is ?

Okay, I’ll tell you, this is one of those traffic getting ploys used by the big dogs.

Read on to gather a free education on an essential subject, because if you don’t
know this, you’ll never make it in Internet Marketing.

Do you think people will trust you, and be happy to be on your list,
if you show them something that will improve their income
and build their list?

Fast Capture Pages (FCP) is a low-priced, high-converting ,
high- value product that eveACry Internet Marketer needs.

See what you get, RIGHT HERE.

Did you get that? “Every Internet Marketer Needs”. Including
YOU, and ME, for that matter.

Therefore… Everybody is a potential customer..
“Everybody you make contact with needs good capture pages,
whatever their business.”

Do you agree with that?

If you do, you’ll understand that…

The main benefit you receive, for a very low price, is the ability
to promote Fast Capture Pages and receive $200 to $500 per day
in commissions, time and time again. This gives you the explosive
double-barrel power of both FCP and your own primary product,
if you’ve got one.

And… A very big AND…

You will build your list by offering a product of excellent value,
a fact that all the list joiners will appreciate, especially those who
had the sense to buy it.

Are my customers more likely to buy my higher priced products
after they’ve bought FCP?

Of course they are!

Wouldn’t you be happy to buy from somebody who has helped
you, somebody who has provided you with a brilliant first
contact product that you use and sell all the time?

What if I haven’t got a primary product…?

Simple —- make FCP your primary product until you find
another quality product with a much higher price tag.

Then, keep leading with FCP, (the commissions will pay for
your advertising), then follow up with your primary product.

(You can promote all your products with free methods which
are all shown on the (TPH) Marketing Page. HERE. But, it will
take you much more time to succeed.)

With ‘paid for’ advertising, even if you’re earning as little as
$200 per day, you will be able to advertise continually, which
promotes FCP plus your primary product, which will build you a
formidable customer list, a ton of commission on sales and a
knowledge of online and offline marketing that will enable you to
succeed online.

What ‘Paid For’ advertising do you mean?

When you are up and running with FCP, I’ll send you, without charge,
a list of advertising sources which will reveal many of the secrets
that all the big guns would prefer you didn’t know. The list took a long
time to put together, and is worth far more that the price you’ll pay for FCP.

Fast Capture Pages is, the way I use it, a ‘Funded Proposal’.

Let’s recap:  What the hell is a Funded Proposal?

Firstly ‘A Funded proposal must be a first class product.

A Funded Proposal is the process of selling a first-class, easily
affordable product at the front end, to cover the cost of your advertising,
and then offering the higher-priced product or opportunity at the
back end, anything from 7 to 10 days after they’ve bought the first one.

The importance of a Funded Proposal is enormous, because it can make you an excellent
profit, which gives you more funds to spend on advertising. This is essential, when you
consider that 97% of prospects will not buy your primary product, whatever it may be.


Oct 25 2014

Internet Marketing, MLM, and the Plague of Gurus.

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald in Internet Marketring

Why plague? Because most of them haven’t even the faintest idea what they’re talking about, and they eat up all our money!

Simple enough isn’t it? The reason that you don’t make any money from your online efforts is because you don’t know how to do it!

What? I hear you say, “After three years of investigation and all the things I’ve learned, you tell me that I don’t know how to do it”.

I say, “If you’re not making any money, just like the other 98%, you haven’t made a knowledge breakthrough, which isn’t surprising as most of the online marketers don’t know their arse from their elbow.

There’s a great trough of useless knowledge wobbling to and fro throughout the Internet…

Here’s an example:

I’ve just been watching a video on YouTube by one ‘jona cali’, about LSN:

Only watch if you want to be bored stiff !


Now, I don’t hold against him, the fact that he doesn’t know how to pronounce, spell or write his own name correctly, but it bothers me; perhaps he’s been taking some very poor advice from a KNG about ‘branding’.

What is a KNG?  —-  Coming soon!

What sort of branding is that? He is clearly unaware that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, as he confidently advices us. In fact, I can safely say that I have rarely heard such bullshit spoken with such confidence.

‘Know Nothing Gurus’ (KNGs) are dangerous, as they can and do cost us all a fortune, when first we get started.

The guy looks confident, is well spoken and claims to be methodical. But, his advice couldn’t be more incorrect.

He states that the payment matrix is the most important part, in fact, the very essence of the company.

What nonsense! Of course, the pay structure needs to be good. They’re all good, they wouldn’t last a week if they were not so.

In my opinion the quality of the products in the essence of the company, but even more important is the marketing knowledge possessed by its management.

Look… With first class marketing, even a lousy product will succeed.

And… With poor marketing, the best product on earth will fail.

Now, ‘jona cali’, this particular KNG is probably new to this business and just saying what he has been told to say by another KNG, who is also new to this business, and so it goes on, and on, and on.

Actually, it’s even worse than that! Some KNGs, having listened to other KNGs, start on ‘self branding’, (a way to build a name for themselves as experts on the Internet). A very good marketing method for those who know what they ‘re talking about.

And… a disaster to newbies, many of whom will immediately become KNGs themselves, shortly to give up and become a part of the 98% Internet failures, some of whom become, wussies, scam shouters, doubters and a few become scandal mongers full of piss and vinegar who bitch and belly ache online constantly. If we happen to read some of those ‘wussie articles’ it often becomes clear that they don’t know what they’re writing about either.

All budding marketers need a mentor, without which nobody gets anywhere. Over the next few weeks I may write about a few of them.

Meantime click on the link at: top right and listen to Dave Wood, (he likes to call himself ‘The Guru Slayer’, thirty seconds listening will tell you that you’re listening to an expert marketer. Dave Wood has made no less than eight millionaires.

There are plenty of other brilliant Internet marketers, Dave is just one, listening to him will give you a very good idea what to look for in others.




Oct 14 2014

Internet Marketing and the Comfort Zone

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald in Internet Marketring (MAPs). is a programme where nobody has to recruit to succeed. Even then, lot’s of would be Internet Marketers find it very difficult to deal with.


Because it shows, very definitely, whether or not we can make it online.

Unsuccessful Internet Marketers usually suffer from: “Comfort Zone Syndrome (CZS)”, which doesn’t have to mean that they won’t shift their arses, it usually means they can’t.

MAPs exposes those who, will not get out of their comfort zone at any price, will not give up their daily regime of sitting at their desks, scouring the net, reading negative reviews, being annoyed at the stuff in their inbox, colluding with others who believe the net is full of scammers, looking for loopholes that don’t exist etc. etc.

How do I know that?

I know, because I’ve done it!

In that case: “How did you make the shift to being a professional?

I sold some stuff and made some commissions! And that’s what did it! I knew the infinite nature of the Internet that allowed me to sell one item, would allow me to sell ten, twenty, one hundred etc.

Making money for the first time was a monumental break through which was the start of a recovery that continues today.

What has MAPs to do with this?

Absolutely everything! Because, those who join, and buy ‘credit packs’ make money instantly, in fact, they instantly succeed.


Of course you need to spend money when running a business. Internet Marketing isn’t some sort of job. If you want a job, get one and leave us successful Marketers to our growing fortunes.

You need to spend at least $50 on advertising whatever product or service you chose, and your profit share over a period of eight weeks, will be $60 which amounts to a 20% profit in about two months. Vis: you spend $50 and receive $60 back in about eight to ten weeks, (it can be less time, some times sixty days).

So, there you are: almost instant returns!

I bet that doesn’t cut any ice with the CZS sufferers. The CZS syndrome prevents them from braking out.

Fear of failure is restricting enough and often prevents success, but fear of success is the real killer.

There is one thing that CZS sufferers can still gain from MAPS, without even joining


Absolute proof that they will never succeed at Internet Marketing, which is not so bad, now all CZS suffers will be able to get on with their lives, instead of chasing elusive rainbows that, because of their CZS condition, are completely out of reach.

To those borderline CZS sufferers who join MAPs and immediately make guaranteed money, there are the beginnings of a cure.

So, it’s time to test it for yourself. CZS sufferers, try not to be frightened, success will not hurt you!

You will not fail, so that’s not a worry, but you will succeed! Let’s hope that doesn’t frighten you.

Ask yourself: Have I got the balls to find out the truth about myself?

To all those who don’t suffer from CZS syndrome, take a look at this. Get involved and make money, join us at the events and look forward to a good future.

Click this link now for a really astonishing promise involving $1,000. — IN CASH !

Take a deep breath potential Internet Marketers, this is your break through!

Take a deep breath, CZS sufferers, this is the moment of truth!

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Oct 09 2014

Is This Legit?

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald in Internet Marketring

This is not a difficult question to answer, but, will the enquirer be any the wiser when he gets the answer to this very naive question.

Why naive?

Well, if we ask a genuine person, with a good programme, Is This Legit? The answer will be, “Yes, of course it is.” And, if we ask a scammer the same question, we will get the same answer. In which case, there’s not much point in asking the question, in fact, the questioner reveals himself as an exceptionally naïve person.

(The male pronouns are gender neutral, or, maybe it’s because I think women have more sense than to ask such a question. — I said, “Maybe”)

So, how can we find out if a programme is genuine?

You’re on the right page to find out a lot of things. Click on the HOME PAGE link at the top of the right column to get access to a lot of very useful information on that very question.

In the final analysis, as with everything else in life, you will have to make your own judgement. In order to make that judgement you will need information. Once you have that, you will have to judge the information as well.


Because there are plenty of people who will deliberately run down a good, popular programme to mislead you towards an alternative programme of which they’re a member, which is a dirty trick, in my opinion.

There are also genuine people who join programmes and then find that they just can’t do it. Frustration caused by lack of self motivation and inability can lead them to run a programme down rather than accept their own inability. Lack of self motivation needs to be corrected before any form of success can be achieved.

Not everybody can do Internet Marketing, and we can’t judge from background or occupation either.

Take a three/five hundred thousand a year lawyer, for instance, he may be very good at twisting words in order to mislead a jury, he may be good at drafting contracts, that are just within the law, to tie up a purchaser, even drafting laws that preserve the ‘status quo’, but, just because he may be a good shyster doesn’t mean that he can run his own business.

Does it? No it doesn’t, but it doesn’t mean that he can’t either! There are many qualified professionals in Internet Marketing.

What about a fork lift driver?

An honest job, this time, with a fair day’s pay, (hopefully), for a fair day’s work. (He’s the one who should be asking, Is This Legit?) There are plenty of people trapped in such jobs who are capable of much more. And, there are many blue collar workers who are now very successful Internet Marketers.

Anyone who is capable of running their own business is capable of judging whether or not a programme is legit.

Investigate who is running the business and their career so far. Feed their name, the name of the programme and anybody else in the company, into both a Facebook Search and Warrior Forum Search. There will be comments both pro and con, bearing in mind what I’ve written above, make your assessment.

Avoid the entire “pre launch” and “launch” stuff, unless you’re already an established marketer with a good income and you want take a look at it from the inside. Otherwise avoid it! I would want a programme to exist for at least one year.

Look for an honest “income disclaimer”, and full stats of how much the programme has paid out so far. Then, ask yourself, Is This Legit?

Watch the testimonials like a hawk. It’s easy to tell the liers from the genuine.

Talk to, and check the contact ability of your proposed sponsor, make sure that you can get information when you need it.

When you’re satisfied, get started and prepare to commit yourself to the project and to your sponsor who, in return, will commit himself to helping you.

I hope that helps, all the best, and…..

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