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Sep 01 2014

Automatic Money & Bank Robbery.

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald of SpatchMerlin in Marketing Tips

What exactly is: automatic money? Is it money that we don’t have to do anything to get? Well there’s plenty of that about, but only for those who have already got plenty.

Taxes! Now that’s automatic money for those who receive it, and for those who pay it, (automatic losses).

Automatic Money & Bank Robbery.

We can all invest and receive interest at a variable tiny amount from the pin stripped scammers, (banks, that is). We can be absolutely sure that they will pay us as little as possible. (They refer to us as ‘The Muppets’.) I hope you didn’t think that they were working on our behalf!

Most people’s confidence in their banks integrity was shattered to tiny pieces in recent years. Just as well, now we all know what a bunch of cut throats they are, and fortunately, we are aware of most of the dirty tricks they employ in order to claw money out of us.

Automatic Money & Bank Robbery.

Watch out for the new products produced by the ‘Dirty Tricks Departments’, which they refer to as ‘Product Development Departments’.

Traditional bank robbers found it very easy in the boom times, they no longer had to charge into banks: shooting, banging shouting and terrifying everybody inside, all they had to do was go into the bank and ask for it, and it was given to them.

Why should the commission earning lender give a damn whether the payments were paid or not? If the payments failed, it was, and still is the stock holders, (that’s us), who pay by receiving lower dividends, and newer lenders who paid higher interest to cover previous losses.

The cleverest thieves saw it differently, they became employed by the banks, gained qualifications, rocketed up the ladder, (helped by accomplices, no doubt).

The CEO of one of the largest banks paid himself just under half a billion USD, and God alone knows how much was paid to the army of lesser bank robbers. The bank failed of course, and is no more, we the shareholders lost all to the robbers.

So, there you are, automatic money is available:

1, Bank interest pittance

2, With pick handles and shotguns. (Now hopelessly out of date, and best avoided.)

3, Join a bank, get to the board room and help yourself.

4, Join: My Advertising Pays (MAP)

I’ll have to admit that I got a bit carried away writing this, because I was enjoying myself.

But, there is something else: Number 4, (above), is a programme that is ‘Automatic Money’,

Not only is it automatic money, it enables you to use ‘paid for ‘advertising to market Empower Network (EN), (where the really big money is), to millions of online marketers. And, you get all your money back, in the form of a profit share

Banner Links to both EN and MAP are at the right side of the page, and they’re both well worth clicking on. All the best, Peter Fitzgerald.

Aug 29 2014

Get ‘Em Talking

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald of SpatchMerlin in Marketing Tips

When new people try to get involved in online marketing they need help and plenty of it.

If they don’t get help they will fail. ALL OF THEM!

This leads us to a further point, which must be overcome:

Some people are very shy about asking for help.

They flounder about doing things that apply to offline business, which is inappropriate, and they fail through lack of information and using incorrect procedures.

Embarrassment forces many to claim that ‘it doesn’t work’ and the give up, utterly devastated because their dreams are unrealized, and they have to settle for the shit life that they were trying to get out of!

We not only lose them from our own team, we, through our own neglect deny them and their loved ones a great future. In short: We let them and ourselves down!

You loose them from your team, and you have to keep grinding on getting new sign ups, who in turn are let down.

All because we didn’t bother to make contact.

Yet others forge ahead, make good money and remain in the industry. Some take giant strides and very quickly become millionaires.

Every body’s first move is to make sure that your sponsor is a willing communicator.

How do they do it?

Simple: they get involved personally with as many people in their programme as they can.

There are many paths to success, but none of them are likely to be used if no contact has been made with their sign ups. It doesn’t matter how hard you work, how much money you spend.

You and I must make contact and get ‘em all talking. We must get to know them and everybody who gets involved with us.

How can we do that, when we first get started? We send them to a first class product that tells them everything they want to know.

It is very easy to sell a product to somebody when it tells them everything they want to know.

Don’t ever think that they may not want to talk to you, because the serious ones want that very thing, very few forgo a chance to talk to somebody who can teach them.

If you encounter people who are reluctant to talk or say they will/may call you back – dump them – because you will be wasting your time. Concentrate on the ones who do want to know. Believe me there are plenty of them. Help them, help them, help them. Then, they will succeed and so will you!

You! Yes YOU can lead the way, if necessary, with the help of your sponsor, or even his/her sponsor.

The first reaction to that thought can be, “I’d rather do it on my own”. (Big mistake.).

When the reluctant mixers and the shy do respond and get involved they are not only enjoy the new group of people, they learn things that they could not possibly learn otherwise.

They make a whole lot of new friends and they get to travel a lot, too. Further more, they can afford it.

People love to know that they are not alone in a completely new way of life, which can be a daunting challenge to those without good information.

With knowledge available it is all easy, provided you can follow instructions and take advice.

We are the ones who must supply the required information. We provide it ourselves if we know it, and point to the required info. if we don’t. In so doing, we learn new strategies ourselves, adding to our own power for the future.

We must contact all our sign ups as soon as possible and point them in the right direction and always be available. When we are new ourselves we must have the help of our sponsor.

It is essential to be working with a good programme, which is one that is packed with expert information, so that more often than not we can refer the one in need of information to a product that answers their question, which presupposes that you are familiar with all the products you are marketing.

We must have permanent access to all the products we’re selling.

There are no secrets when it comes to my primary programmes,
just take a look at the banner ads. on this page.

Aug 10 2014

Card Sharps Supported by Gunmen !

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald of SpatchMerlin in Uncategorized

I’ll keep this short, and start with a question:

Who makes the money when there’s a gold rush?

Well, it’s not those doing the digging, that’s for sure.

Murderous claim jumpers, maybe. That’s if they don’t get claim jumped themselves by somebody ever more murderous.
Card sharps supported by gunmen
Madams and hookers, perhaps.

(Don’t worry, it gets better.)

History shows us that the ones who get rich are the ones who supply all the participants.

Supply with what?

Shovels, pickaxes, sledge hammers,
Hard wearing clothes. (Levi Straus made clothes from sail cloth, oh boy! Still rich today.)
Boots, hats etc. (I bet they didn’t sell many razors or deodorants, but that’s another matter.)
Guns, trolleys, pulleys, rope, buckets.
Mules and donkeys.

No need to go on is there? So, what is my point?

Supply the Internet hopefuls with all the modern day tools they must have, and there are plenty of existing marketers who are dissatisfied with their present services, too.

All modern gold diggers must buy the following products:

Internet service providers. (ISPs)
Web hosting,
Domains and URLs,
Blogging platforms
Video platforms,
CPA Analyzer
Online webinar facilities.

Not just once, but as an ongoing business overhead.

All those products are sold on a monthly payment basis, and you can get monthly commissions for life, when you introduce marketers to them.

Got it? Make money on an ongoing and ever increasing basis.

That’s how these so called gurus make fifty thousand, one hundred thousand and more per month, and they all started at five, six and seven thousand per month!
And… so can you, because we all need this stuff and so does everybody who is in this business, and every body who will come into this business in the future.

Further… It doesn’t matter what you’re promoting at the moment , and what your favourite programme may be. You still need this, in addition, and so does everybody else.

It’s easy to look deeper into this my Dearios.

Go to this link now, because all that stuff mentioned above is provided in one package. Take a look:


……..and see why I’ve just spent half of my Sunday morning bringing you this great news. I have’nt even done my ten MAPs clicks, yet. (That’s another story for another day.)



Jul 19 2014

When you’re starving, it’s too late to go hunting. — Or…

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald of SpatchMerlin in Marketing Tips

Get A Second Income Or Else!

If you find that thought provoking, read on , I’ve got a few sobering thoughts to express together with some solid, constructive advice but, before I go on, a bit of priceless Mark Twain, who wrote: “A banker is a man who lends you an umbrella when the sun is shining, and wants it right back when it starts to rain.” These days, he wants half our taxes too!

There’s a lot of truth in those sentiments, but…

Will you do anything with that truth besides acknowledge it? Will you consider it carefully and adapt it to your own life and that of your family or future family, for that matter?

Thank God that we no longer have to go hunting for food. Very few people in the industrialized world run the risk of being hungry due to a lack of food.

There are other risks, though. Something we all have in common is that we run the risk of losing our income for one reason or another, and that’s why we should be concerned with how long it could take to replace a lost income.

In other words, how long might it take to refill the refrigerator / freezer or get the mortgage payments back on schedule?

A second income ensures safety…

But, a primary income cannot! Generally, hard-working people haven’t enough money saved to be able to cope with the loss of a primary income, for even a short time, without going into debt in order to provide basic necessities that families and individuals require. If you wait until you lose your primary income before you make plans for survival, you could be in for a very nasty shock.

Is it worth considering what you can do today to ensure that you are ready for tomorrow’s pitfalls? Having an additional income could mean the difference between your family receiving a frightening experience or continuing to live a comfortable life.

That’s what the website is all about. It’s where you can learn about and evaluate ideas and concepts that are designed to help you to establish an investment income in addition to your primary income. A secondary income insures against the challenges of losing our primary income, and helps us to weather life’s storms with less pain and disruption. In addition, a second income not only ensures safety, but it is also likely to lead to wealth.

First, you should have a primary income.

You will certainly need to have a primary income in place before you contemplate a secondary one, and you shouldn’t even consider spending time on your second income until you have. That would be an unnecessary distraction and would hold you back. If you haven’t put your primary income in place, you should focus all of your energy on doing so.

If you have your primary income in place already, don’t make the mistake of stopping there! Start pumping up the reserves! Start working towards creating the additional income; start getting the security that only a solid secondary income can provide.

The sort of secondary incomes derived from the programmes and plans advertised here can only keep increasing. When your secondary income becomes twice the size of your primary income, you’re presented with other options which I will leave to your imagination, as the options need no description from me.

Why is it so important to have a secondary income?

There was a time when many citizens of the free world could rely on one job with one company for life, with all the security that goes with it. Things have changed. Statistics show that people graduating today will work for fourteen different employers in six different industries over the course of their careers.

Well, there’s a thought! Here’s another one: Would it be unreasonable to assume that those transitions would go smoothly? You bet it would! Such transitions are likely to cause problems, if not disasters, almost every time.

When you accept that life is going to present you with some serious challenges that only an extra income can address, and you make the effort to create that extra online business income, you position yourself to benefit in more ways than you might expect.

Why? Because secondary income is different from primary income.

For most people, primary income is generally pretty tight. Primary income pays for essentials: food, clothing, repairs, transportation, vacations, etc. If you have enough primary income to cover emergencies and unexpected expenses, you’re doing well. If you have enough primary income to do all that and save for college and retirement, you’re doing very well indeed.

On the other hand, secondary income is discretionary income. It gives you options. With secondary income, you can accumulate money which will protect your primary income from unexpected expenses, and also earn interest as it waits to provide that protection. If your primary income is insufficient, your secondary income can be used for outgoings such as college bills and/or retirement.

And there is this to consider…

If you have no money when an investment opportunity comes along, you can lose out, big-time. Secondary income can position you to take advantage of investment opportunities that come your way. Having enough income from an online business to be able to invest in other income-producing assets can be the beginning of a substantial investment portfolio that grows larger all the time.

So, while primary income is vital, secondary income can provide and enhance protection for your lifestyle, and provide the flexibility necessary to create long-term financial security.

Which is more important?

While primary income is more urgent, both primary income and secondary income are equally important to a safe, secure, and intelligent financial future.

I frequently refer to ‘online income’, because that’s what I concentrate on, but all the above applies to any secondary income source, be it property or equity investment, currency trading, etc., etc.; fields, I might add, that are best avoided until you’ve made lots of money, because of the high investment requirement. Online business, on the other hand, requires minimum start-up expenses.

The one proviso I’ll add is: If you are working full-time, keep your secondary activity to a few hours per week until the income from it eclipses your primary income. Oh, yes! With consistency on your part, it will!

To your success,

May 26 2014

A Plague of Gurus.

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald of SpatchMerlin in Marketing Tips

Why plague? Because most of them haven’t even the faintest idea what they’re talking about, and they eat up all our money!

Simple enough isn’t it? The reason that you don’t make any money from your online efforts is because you don’t know how to do it!

What? I hear you say, “After three years of investigation and all the things I’ve learned, you tell me that I don’t know how to do it”.

I say, “If you’re not making any money, just like the other 98%, you haven’t made a knowledge breakthrough, which isn’t surprising as most of the online marketers don’t know their arse from their elbow.

There’s a great trough of useless knowledge wobbling to and fro throughout the Internet…

Here’s an example:

I’ve just been watching a video on YouTube by one ‘jona cali’, about LSN:

Only watch if you want to be bored stiff !


Now, I don’t hold against him, the fact that he doesn’t know how to spell or write his own name correctly but, it bothers me; perhaps he’s been taking some advice from a KNG about ‘branding’.

What is a KNG?  —-  Coming soon!

What sort of branding is that? He is clearly unaware that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, as he confidently advices us. In fact, I can safely say that I have rarely heard such bullshit spoken with such confidence.

‘Know Nothing Gurus’ (KNGs) are dangerous, as they can and do cost us all a fortune, when first we get started.

The guy looks confident, is well spoken and claims to be methodical. But, his advice couldn’t be more incorrect.

He states that the payment matrix is the most important part, in fact, the very essence of the company.

What nonsense! Of course, the pay structure needs to be good. They’re all good, they wouldn’t last a week if they were not so.

In my opinion the quality of the products in the essence of the company, but even more important is the marketing knowledge possessed by its management.

Look… With first class marketing, even a lousy product will succeed.

And… With poor marketing, the best product on earth will fail.

Now, ‘jona cali’, this particular KNG is probably new to this business and just saying what he has been told to say by another KNG, who is also new to this business, and so it goes on, and on, and on.

Actually, it’s even worse than that! Some KNGs, having listened to other KNGs, start on ‘self branding’, (a way to build a name for themselves as experts on the Internet). A very good marketing method for those who know what they ‘re talking about.

And… a disaster to newbies, many of whom will immediately become KNGs themselves, shortly to give up and become a part of the 98% Internet failures, some of whom become, wussies, scam shouters, doubters and a few become scandal mongers full of piss and vinegar who bitch and belly ache online constantly. If we happen to read some of those ‘wussie articles’ it often becomes clear that they don’t know what they’re writing about either.

All budding marketers need a mentor, without which nobody gets anywhere. Over the next few weeks I may write about a few of them.

Meantime click on the link at: top right and listen to Dave Wood, (he likes to call himself ‘The Guru Slayer’, thirty seconds listening will tell you that you’re listening to an expert marketer. Dave Wood has made no less than eight millionaires.

There are plenty of other brilliant Internet marketers, Dave is just one, listening to him will give you a very good idea what to look for in others.