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Apr 14 2014

New Online Business

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald of SpatchMerlin in Uncategorized

Any Value for the New Online Business?

Nearly everyone who browses the Internet has come across a few “old wives tales” which are to say the least make pretty tired reading at times. In fact, in a worse case scenario, an old wives tale might put someone off something because they believe a “guru” is telling them the truth about it which is that it is no good. This is something that happens all too often when people set up a new online business – because it’s easy to believe everything you read on the Net.

Should you choose a ready-made site that’s ready to go when you first start out? After all, these sites offer users all the major features they would ever need to set up a website and some even offer access to the code. However, it makes a huge difference if a website can be tailored or not. There are a lot of sites that don’t allow access to the code so these are not included in this article. The reason being sites you cannot customise are pretty useless for anything other than advertising – pretty much at the same level as a digital flyer, a brochure or sign-up form etc. A site is not considered a “website” unless you have access to the code and therefore able to customise it.

Technical Side of a New Online Business.

However, not everyone can get their heads around the technical side of a website even if they have years of experience using computers. Coding, HTML and PHP are a completely different ball game, you need to be able to grasp these languages because they are the ones used to build websites. In short, knowing how to build a website has to be considered as a big step in the right direction, and one which takes a few years out of the equation when starting a new online business.

However, a ready to go website that you can customise or personalise so that it’s unique, is an acceptable route to take when you first start out working from home. You might want to remain anonymous until you learn how to customise the site yourself but once the site is up and running, there’ll be a light at the end of tunnel which should help motivate you to get on with customising it to suit your business needs.

People “in the know” use WordPress as well as other platforms which allow them to create websites. There’s a choice of themes to choose from and installing a domain name is free of charge. But you have to bear in mind there may be restrictions as to what you can and cannot change anything further down the line. With this said, the main “so-called” downside to using say a WordPress website that’s good to go, is that thousands of other people could be using the same theme? Is this one of the “old wives tales” and is it true that all these people are making the same mistake by using duplicate websites?

New Home Business

HTML and the  New Online Business?

The fact is that in addition to being able to learn a little about HTML so you can add or change things on a site very easily by using the “copy and paste” feature, there are other advantages to using a ready to go site which includes certain applications which help you understand the code. These application are often called “editors” and they have menus that allow you to choose the HTML code you need. In short, the choice is yours – if you want to get down to the nuts and bolts of how to customise a site you can. If on the other hand, you just want to keep it “simple”, either way all you have to do is get on with it and this is especially important when you start up a new online business.

When it comes to a “ready to go” site, it only takes a little creativity and imagination to personalise it so that it reflects your business. Just changing a colour, using different fonts, images and graphics etc will achieve this with no trouble at all. As long as you keep the site professional looking and avoid anything that’s too garish like flashing objects and the like, things will be fine.

Your site should never be too busy, it is far better to keep things simple, with clean lines and most of all, the site has to be really easy to navigate. If you think about entering into a shop with floor to ceiling decorations, you can understand how hard it is to find anything. A website is much the same and if people find it hard to find what they are looking for quickly, they will leave and look elsewhere. You have to make sure you make it easy for visitors to find things which means the site needs an excellent search function and a very effective menu. The website you create for your new online business has to be eye catching but professional, easy to navigate offering visitors lots of useful help and advice.

Mar 17 2014

Starting a New Home Business

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald of SpatchMerlin in Marketing Tips

Don’t Ever Let Them See You Sweat at your New Home Business!

Starting up anything new presents a whole set of challenges and this is just as true when it comes to starting up a new home business. It’s a whole new learning curve with a definite beginning, a “settling in” period and then finally a time when you can actually see some results! And at each stage of the game, it’s really important to stay focussed, motivated always retaining a strong will to succeed whatever obstacles get in your way.

New Home Business

One of the biggest hurdles most people who start a new home business find they have to overcome is a belief in what they are doing. All too often they have low self esteem, even if family and friends tell them otherwise. It may sound easy but if there’s no guarantee you’ll see any results in any specific given time, which means it can really test your faith in what you are doing. One way to stay focussed and keep the right mindset, is to take in as many motivational articles as you can and this includes getting your hands on a few books as well as watching relevant videos. It’s a very positive way of learning just how other entrepreneurs succeeded in their chosen business.

New Home Business

The one thing you have to avoid at all costs is being negative about things. This is bound to happen but it’s important to know how to deal with negative thoughts so they don’t affect you and the work you do. There are ways of doing this whether it’s giving yourself a “self talk” using the words: “I can do it” or you may want to try “visualisation” which is where you imagine yourself being hugely successful. Some people use slogans and/or images of items they would like to own if they could afford them. In short, you have to do whatever really suits you to stay at the top of your game.

There are a few positive things you can do to help yourself and this includes checking any statistics after having worked hard at some aspect of your business just to see what kind of results you achieved. You may find that nothing much has happened and if you are a defeatist, it could mean you may think this new venture is just something else you are going to fail at. You may even start thinking that people were indeed right and that your new home business is based on a scam. With the lack of results, it’s only natural to feel a little down because you would be forgiven for feeling what can only be termed as a sense of loss as well as failure.

New Home Business

However, an achiever will carry on no matter what setbacks are thrown their way. The fact results are going to happen later rather than sooner doesn’t phase them. In fact, an achiever will use any negativity they are feeling to their advantage by channelling it into something positive like publishing an advert or a blog post. They may decide to take a day off so they can do something totally different they enjoy doing because they know it will help them be more focused when they get back to work. This is one strategy that is worth doing for time to time otherwise you may find you become addicted to working which can be exhausting to say the least. At the end of the day, if you are tired and overworked, it will only help fuel your depression if your home business doesn’t take off as fast as you had hoped it would.

New Home Business

When all is said and done, you have to remain realistic about things when you set up a new home business. If you aim too high then everything will feel a bit flat should no results happen as quickly as you had anticipated. The only way to stay focussed is to live in the “now” until you achieve your first goals. You need to have a healthy balance in order to stay at the top of your game which means you have to work hard and then take the time to rest up. This can be interpreted as one part “reality” which is the work, and the other your dreams – the time you take to have some time off. There’s no mystery to working from home because the only way most people succeed is if they work hard and invest enough time to reach any set goals.

Mar 14 2014

Starting a Legitimate Internet Business – Affiliate Programs

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald of SpatchMerlin in Marketing Tips

Affiliate Programs

When it comes to starting up a new internet business, most people don’t boast the necessary skills or experience and even if they have enough money, they would still find it quite hard to set everything up from scratch. There’s a whole heap of new skills involved but once you feel ready, the next stage is to begin an advertising and marketing campaign. The problem is you may find you don’t even like this side of the business – let alone be any good at it. In a worse case scenario you may find there’s no market for your product or service which is where affiliate programs may well help you out.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are designed to help people find out all about Internet marketing prior to setting up an online business. If you choose to go it alone, you’ll need some basic skills where programming, web design and the like are concerned so that you can get a site up and running. This allows you to offer a product or service to people in order to create an income for yourself. No business whether offline or online can survive without the necessary advertising and marketing strategies being set in place. The key to them being successful is knowing how effective the strategies will actually be for your online business.

It would be quite fair to say that you might well spend a lifetime setting it all up and then even more time promoting your online business before you even see a penny in profits. This is especially true for anyone starting out from scratch and who has to pay for all of the above. In the offline world, the accepted time for a business to show a profit is in the region of 5 years and all the while outgoings have to be met. A business that’s “outside” of the home would need to have insurance, supplies, power and telephone, staff and equipment – all which have to be paid on a monthly basis whether the business is showing a profit or not. This is why it takes so long for a business to show a profit.

Working from home eliminates the majority of these business overheads which in turns means keeping mounting monthly expenses down. However, one should never forget the time and effort that goes into setting a home business up, but even with this in mind, it should not take the 5 years mentioned above to show a profit although this rather depends on the type of product/system you might be selling through your online business.
New Home Business

Should you decide to get involved with affiliate programs, you are in fact purchasing the right to receive a profit from other companies intellectual properties – which is the money, time and effort they have put into making their business profitable. You are in fact using their resources which includes them managing any sales transactions you achieve as well as taking care of your customers. In return, you receive commissions on all the sales you make. Affiliate programs are the perfect “exchange” between businesses because you promote their business, offering them free advertising and improving their sales to boot. In return for very little outlay, you are allowed to use everything the companies have to offer, saving you loads of time where development, trials and tests are concerned.

You may have heard rumours about how affiliate programs are “pyramid schemes” or “Ponzi schemes” or that they are even “scams” and it would be quite right to say that MLM has over recent times, earned itself a bad name. But this is due to unscrupulous business people taking advantage of the system, which sadly happens in most industries all over the world. The other thing is that many people don’t actually understand what they are buying into and ask themselves why they are paying in the first place?

If you compare a similar industry, namely a rep working for a company who sells health and beauty products which many people have been doing for a very long time – then you know these reps do in fact pay for the things they sell as well as having to pay for their membership. Then there are the order forms, catalogues and brochures to pay for and if they don’t know how to advertise and market a product, this may need paying for too. Reps are given a certain amount of training and earn commissions on what they manage to sell which at the end of the day should show them a profit.

The point being made here is why are MLK companies not tarred with the same brush as that of affiliate programs? It is because there is a tangible product? Or maybe it’s because technically no one makes any money from the referrals they achieve alone? The question is if a product is sold – is this not a referral to the company that made it? Is it considered more legitimate simply because a known brand name is involved and what you see if what you get?

Mar 07 2014

Online Business Start Up

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald of SpatchMerlin in Marketing Tips

Any online business start-up…

…has to form trusting relationships with people whether it’s with prospective clients, suppliers or business associates. It is also essential to be as transparent as you can when you work online. Whatever you promise to do, has to be done because visitors to your blog or site need to know they can count on you. Should a situation arise where you can’t keep a promise or commitment, the best way of dealing with the situation is to be as honest about things as you can. If you need more time, let people know, the key to not letting clients down is to be upfront about things before anything bad happens.

online business start up

If you say you can deliver something by Tuesday and this turns out to be an unrealistic deadline, you need to let the people know well in advance that things are running late. At the very latest you need to let people know on the Monday and then you must keep people informed about any progress. This shows you take their custom seriously and as such are showing them the respect they are due. If you promise a delivery on a certain day and then it arrives the day after, you have in fact let the person down. In short, you are not doing your reputation much good as a person who can be trusted in business. In some quarters, business people believe it is the way you handle your mistakes that inspires customers with confidence.

Customers will not feel they can place their trust in you when they have to wait for anything and to make matters worse, they might not have heard from you either. If on the Wednesday, they still haven’t received anything, they are keenly aware that you have not been true to your word. As such you will have lost their trust in you. It could be that you placed a bit too much pressure on yourself by promising to deliver on the Tuesday and often this is as a way to please a customer. However,if the truth be known you needed more time and therefore your strategy backfired on you. This all leads to the fact that it is far better to be upfront and honest in the first place which is to say the estimated time for delivery would be between Tuesday and Wednesday – with stress being placed on the word “estimated” because this leaves your options open and if there is a delay, you are covered.

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online business start up
Apart from any personal business relationships you might want to build upon with an online business start up, there is also the question of making statements pertaining to the sort of income a person could earn, the time they would need to put in and the support they would get etc. Once again, if you can’t back up any of these claims, it’s best to avoid making them in the first place. An example would be if you offer a brilliant deal but it’s only available for 48 hours and then you decide to extend the offer – you have to make it quite clear to people that this is what you have done otherwise you’re asking for trouble. People who bought the product within the 48 hour time limit might feel hard done by. It is far better to say something like “due to massive interest in the product, we’ve extended the offer” and you would need to make sure the statement is posted on your site or blog for everyone to see.

In short, if a countdown on an offer is ticking, make sure you extend it otherwise you will end up losing people’s trust in you because you are not a person of your word. Some people may appreciate the extended time on the offer but there are others who will not and may just see this as a bit of a con. If you get caught out doing this kind of thing once too often, people will come to think of you as the “person who cried wolf once too often”. Remember, any online business has to be perceived just like any other business and although you may take a more relaxed approach – there are certain standards you have to uphold.

In a worst case scenario, promises that are not kept or offers that don’t have an end – may just land you in legal trouble. A good example being what is termed “bait and switch” which is where a promise is made that an item will be priced at a certain amount which then qualifies a person for other specific things. However, once the item has been purchased, the buyer finds out the amount they paid does not entitle them to the deal that was on offer, and they would therefore have to pay the full price. This could be because the deal was switched at some point just after they made their purchase. However, if a reverse scenario could be set in motion, it would work in favour of the buyer. In short, over-delivering is much more interesting than letting people down – which means
 has to keep it real!

Feb 11 2014

Online Business Opportunities – Reviewing ‘Scam Buster’ Websites

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald of SpatchMerlin in Marketing Tips

Reviewing ‘Scam Buster’ Websites

Whilst it would be fair to say there is a certain amount of dishonesty in the business world, where the Internet is concerned it has opened up a whole new way of doing business which in turn has seen a rise in what can only be termed as “less than honest” schemes and strategies. The anonymity of the Internet does tend to fuel this type of behaviour. With this said, everyone needs to feel protected knowing they are being watched out for when attempting to get in on the act with any online business opportunities that come their way. It’s essential to know that the people they do business with are honest, and the way they do business is transparent.

online business opportunities

The problem is that many of the sites that claim they know what they believe to be a “scam” and what is not, could well be a little “suspect” themselves. Firstly, their point of view might be too subjective rather than objective because they are bias. They could have taken word of mouth evidence and turned this into hard yet incorrect facts. They might take offence to a company being based in a foreign land therefore not under the rigorous controls of say the FTC – Federal Trade Commission. However, it would be impossible to know why a company decides to base itself in any one particular region of the world – it could be they enjoy better tax advantages or maybe they just enjoy living and working in that particular part of the world. But all this falls by the wayside if another company wants to relay to readers the fact they believe there’s a scam going on.


One point of interest is that some of the most respected sites that claim to be ultra vigilant when it comes to scams have in the past, been known to pay to have negative feedback about them removed. Which begs the question of “how honest are they”? In short, you might well read about a company that’s been accused of a scam simply because they did not pay to have the negative feedback removed!

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online business opportunities

One of the worst examples of a scam review site has to be one that elaborates on a report about a company, offering readers the opportunity to find out about all the company’s illegal activities. These sites attempt to build up a trust and just when people feel safe, they are offered a program that is perfect and which performs a whole lot better than the program offered by the “scammer company”. It might be an obvious and unprofessional strategy but not everyone spots it and what’s more it’s the ideal way to make a company appear to be transparent and honest especially when they are offering online business opportunities. This is especially true when compared to a company that’s being accused of doing things which are thought to be unacceptable – whether the information is true of false.

It is because of such unscrupulous and downright dishonest “scam busting” companies that multi-level marketing (MLM) sometimes gets bad publicity. But, if the truth be known, the majority of sales-based companies are MLM businesses. It’s hard to understand why people think that others who worked hard to earn commissions on referrals, shouldn’t be recompensed for their labours? Or why others might believe there is no product in the first place! People should understand that any service is indeed a product which boasts a monetary value and that companies don’t have to spend any of their time or money teaching people for free! Sadly many people do believe this to be the case and want others to show them how to be successful when using a program – which begs the question what exactly is wrong with thinking this way when taking advantage of any online business opportunities.