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Oct 14 2014

Internet Marketing and the Comfort Zone

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald in Internet Marketring (MAPs). is a programme where nobody has to recruit to succeed. Even then, lot’s of would be Internet Marketers find it very difficult to deal with.


Because it shows, very definitely, whether or not we can make it online.

Unsuccessful Internet Marketers usually suffer from: “Comfort Zone Syndrome (CZS)”, which doesn’t have to mean that they won’t shift their arses, it usually means they can’t.

MAPs exposes those who, will not get out of their comfort zone at any price, will not give up their daily regime of sitting at their desks, scouring the net, reading negative reviews, being annoyed at the stuff in their inbox, colluding with others who believe the net is full of scammers, looking for loopholes that don’t exist etc. etc.

How do I know that?

I know, because I’ve done it!

In that case: “How did you make the shift to being a professional?

I sold some stuff and made some commissions! And that’s what did it! I knew the infinite nature of the Internet that allowed me to sell one item, would allow me to sell ten, twenty, one hundred etc.

Making money for the first time was a monumental break through which was the start of a recovery that continues today.

What has MAPs to do with this?

Absolutely everything! Because, those who join, and buy ‘credit packs’ make money instantly, in fact, they instantly succeed.


Of course you need to spend money when running a business. Internet Marketing isn’t some sort of job. If you want a job, get one and leave us successful Marketers to our growing fortunes.

You need to spend at least $50 on advertising whatever product or service you chose, and your profit share over a period of eight weeks, will be $60 which amounts to a 20% profit in about two months. Vis: you spend $50 and receive $60 back in about eight to ten weeks, (it can be less time, some times sixty days).

So, there you are: almost instant returns!

I bet that doesn’t cut any ice with the CZS sufferers. The CZS syndrome prevents them from braking out.

Fear of failure is restricting enough and often prevents success, but fear of success is the real killer.

There is one thing that CZS sufferers can still gain from MAPS, without even joining


Absolute proof that they will never succeed at Internet Marketing, which is not so bad, now all CZS suffers will be able to get on with their lives, instead of chasing elusive rainbows that, because of their CZS condition, are completely out of reach.

To those borderline CZS sufferers who join MAPs and immediately make guaranteed money, there are the beginnings of a cure.

So, it’s time to test it for yourself. CZS sufferers, try not to be frightened, success will not hurt you!

You will not fail, so that’s not a worry, but you will succeed! Let’s hope that doesn’t frighten you.

Ask yourself: Have I got the balls to find out the truth about myself?

To all those who don’t suffer from CZS syndrome, take a look at this. Get involved and make money, join us at the events and look forward to a good future.

Click this link now for a really astonishing promise involving $1,000. — IN CASH !

Take a deep breath potential Internet Marketers, this is your break through!

Take a deep breath, CZS sufferers, this is the moment of truth!

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Oct 09 2014

Is This Legit?

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald in Internet Marketring

This is not a difficult question to answer, but, will the enquirer be any the wiser when he gets the answer to this very naive question.

Why naive?

Well, if we ask a genuine person, with a good programme, Is This Legit? The answer will be, “Yes, of course it is.” And, if we ask a scammer the same question, we will get the same answer. In which case, there’s not much point in asking the question, in fact, the questioner reveals himself as an exceptionally naïve person.

(The male pronouns are gender neutral, or, maybe it’s because I think women have more sense than to ask such a question. — I said, “Maybe”)

So, how can we find out if a programme is genuine?

You’re on the right page to find out a lot of things. Click on the HOME PAGE link at the top of the right column to get access to a lot of very useful information on that very question.

In the final analysis, as with everything else in life, you will have to make your own judgement. In order to make that judgement you will need information. Once you have that, you will have to judge the information as well.


Because there are plenty of people who will deliberately run down a good, popular programme to mislead you towards an alternative programme of which they’re a member, which is a dirty trick, in my opinion.

There are also genuine people who join programmes and then find that they just can’t do it. Frustration caused by lack of self motivation and inability can lead them to run a programme down rather than accept their own inability. Lack of self motivation needs to be corrected before any form of success can be achieved.

Not everybody can do Internet Marketing, and we can’t judge from background or occupation either.

Take a three/five hundred thousand a year lawyer, for instance, he may be very good at twisting words in order to mislead a jury, he may be good at drafting contracts, that are just within the law, to tie up a purchaser, even drafting laws that preserve the ‘status quo’, but, just because he may be a good shyster doesn’t mean that he can run his own business.

Does it? No it doesn’t, but it doesn’t mean that he can’t either! There are many qualified professionals in Internet Marketing.

What about a fork lift driver?

An honest job, this time, with a fair day’s pay, (hopefully), for a fair day’s work. (He’s the one who should be asking, Is This Legit?) There are plenty of people trapped in such jobs who are capable of much more. And, there are many blue collar workers who are now very successful Internet Marketers.

Anyone who is capable of running their own business is capable of judging whether or not a programme is legit.

Investigate who is running the business and their career so far. Feed their name, the name of the programme and anybody else in the company, into both a Facebook Search and Warrior Forum Search. There will be comments both pro and con, bearing in mind what I’ve written above, make your assessment.

Avoid the entire “pre launch” and “launch” stuff, unless you’re already an established marketer with a good income and you want take a look at it from the inside. Otherwise avoid it! I would want a programme to exist for at least one year.

Look for an honest “income disclaimer”, and full stats of how much the programme has paid out so far. Then, ask yourself, Is This Legit?

Watch the testimonials like a hawk. It’s easy to tell the liers from the genuine.

Talk to, and check the contact ability of your proposed sponsor, make sure that you can get information when you need it.

When you’re satisfied, get started and prepare to commit yourself to the project and to your sponsor who, in return, will commit himself to helping you.

I hope that helps, all the best, and…..

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Oct 06 2014

Online Product Launches.

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald in Internet Marketring

There are a lot of things to look out for with online product launches, both positive and negative.

I’m going to go into a few of the negatives first, but there are plenty of outstanding positives for us to take advantage of, I’ll comment on those further down.

Most of us who have been at this Internet Marketing for a while can recognize the “best avoided” product launches that flock into our inboxes, on a daily basis. These launches are usually designed and executed by marketers who launch product after product as their main activity.

Those who are new to Internet Marketing may benefit, or be amused, by the following observations:

If there is crashing music when I first arrive at a landing page, I exit the page immediately. If the words: “turn up your speakers” are written on the page, I exit the page immediately.

Why do I do that?

Well, the truth is that I enjoy music of all sorts. Living in London as I do, I’m blessed with a choice of live music concerts, and witness them as often as I like. Being forced to listen to snippets of music in supermarkets, lifts, airports, railway stations, hotels, etc. etc. is not only extremely irritating, but a disaster of our times, to anybody who likes music.

Recently, when entering a men’s lavatory, I was greeted with silence and darkness, as the entrance door opened wider the lights came on and music started!

Now we can’t even take a crap in peace!

Occasionally, I complain. In answer to which, I am often asked; Don’t you like music? When I’m asked such a question in this context, I know that I can’t get anywhere, because to the person I’m talking to, the subject is absolutely meaningless.

What has that to do with Internet Marketing?

Nothing, but I really enjoyed writing it. If you’ve got any comments, which will be very welcome, put ‘em on Facebook, here:

Back to the ‘online product launches‘ landing page, I’ll tolerate soft music, (that doesn’t mean that I like it).
I’ve got nothing against the use of actors, but I object to the use of lying actors, and when I spot one, I may watch out of curiosity, but I soon exit the page.

Then I take a look at the rented suite

Despite that it is so obvious that the place is in a “ready to rent” state rather than a “lived in” state, it is inferred that the mansion in which the presentation is being shot belongs to the presenter. It’s not difficult to see whether a place is lived in or not, is it? That also makes me exit the page.

It is very rare that such pages are about anything worth while.

Usually we are asked to spend £27 to $47 for something that will enable us to make $30,000 within the next month, because of a loophole that some bull-shitter has discovered.

Newbies, watch out. These online product launches are pointed directly at YOU. This is what can and often happens.

OK, we fall for it, and purchase. Now a second sales letter pops up telling us that there’s even more information, that wasn’t mentioned in the first sales letter, for an extra $97. Now that we’ve already spent say $47, and are shocked to discover that they’ve been holding back and to get the lot we must spend another $97. It doesn’t stop there either, when you’ve bought the second one you can be tempted to spend $197 for the next “up-sell” as they call it. And, there may be another one for an even higher price.

About a year ago, there was a very attractive female presenter named Jessica filming in a ‘ready to let’ hotel suite. She wore a very short skirt and constantly changed her sitting position, exposing the gusset of her panties.

Ten to twelve weeks later Jessica was not seen again, but there has been a constant stream of similar “we’ve spotted a loophole” product launches that look very similar.

How little can they think of us to be using gusset-flashers to sell us their useless products? And, how little can they know of this business, when they don’t know that 70% of Internet Marketers are female!

Most important; if a presentation starts with comments, of any kind, about scammers on the net; how much money you must have wasted online etc. Exit the presentation, because as every knowledgeable marketer knows: NEVER KNOCK THE OPPOSITION.


Because they are putting negative ideas in the reader/viewers head when they’re about to witness the presentation of online product launches. Now, that is just stupid, and if it’s not the work of a trickster, it most certainly is the work of a fool. Exit the page. (This is going to save you a lot of time going through your Inbox.)

Having said all that, there are online product launches that are very important and sometimes somebody really has discovered a ‘loophole’, (those who know me, know what’s coming soon).

Dave Wood who co-founded the Empower Network (EN) made an important discovery because he didn’t have any money for paid advertising. He wrote about the products he was selling. These products were all good, sound products, (this is the first requirement), and he wrote about them online. Dave is a prolific writer and a great motivator, and above all a brilliant marketer.

The results of his constant writing was an ever increasing flood of traffic to his landing pages.
Dave has now made thirteen millionaires of people from all walks of life, many of whom were newbies, and he intends to make to encourage a lot more. One hundred a year, I believe.

When you get to his landing page, just look at and feel the difference between the bull shitters I’ve described above and somebody who knows the Internet Marketing business, and is surrounded by other people of outstanding quality. Watch this to see what I mean:

Even if EN doesn’t appeal to you, from now on you’ll know what to look for in a presentation.
If the product launch that has attracted you passes the above test, go further.

When further considering whether or not to join a programme from online product launches, investigate the people running it. Just put their name into a Google search. See what other big names are involved and put them in as well. If a launch doesn’t say who’s running it, don’t do it!

This blog has taken me about three hours to write, and I’m almost finished for the day. It will bring traffic, and it will lead people to the products that I sell. Dave Wood taught me how to do it.

All the best.

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Oct 02 2014

Internet Marketing & Company Loyalty.

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald in Internet Marketring

Internet Marketing & Company Loyalty; I Had to Speak!

In answer to a broadcast message sent to my list, advertising two very useful programmes that can be used in tandem, or individually, I received this reply, from a lady who shall be nameless:

Hi Peter,

What happened to MAP? Thanks.

This was my reply:

Hello, xxxxxxxxxx.

Why do you ask; have you heard something that I haven’t?

My Advertising Pays (MAP) continues to do very well indeed,
and it’s putting money in my pocket every day.

xxxxxxxxx, you have inspired me into writing today’s blog which I’ll post later.

Meantime, to read some very relevant information on Internet Marketing, visit my blog:

All the best,


My Advertising Pays (MAPs) is a programme, amongst others, that I’m a successful member of, and one that I frequently advertise.

Here, I’m going to make an assumption about an assumption; the lady who wrote seems to think that, if I’m involved with the MAPs programme. Why should I be promoting additional programmes?

And, it’s not the first time I’ve had such a message.

The reason that the question is asked is, because of the employee mentality that is bashed into the minds of people who have always worked for somebody else. Don’t think that I’m knocking that, because I’m not.

A good, interesting job where there’s plenty of room for promotion, increasing salaries and working with people you like, not to mention a fat pension, is no bad thing and something that we would all respond to by being loyal to that one company.

Of course if we all had such jobs, we wouldn’t be scratching around the Internet looking for something else, would we? Such jobs are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and remaining in that “employee loyalty mindset” when all we’ve got is a mundane, boring, crappy job is like saluting any flag that somebody hoists.

The nameless lady seems to think that, because I’m advertising other programmes, I’m either being disloyal to MAPs, or I don’t like it any more, or I’m flitting from one programme to another. With all due respect to that lady, she seems to be projecting her own shortcoming onto me.

This is the way I operate, as do most other successful marketers. Every entrepreneur knows that all the eggs do not go into one basket, and that includes me. Internet Marketing (IM) is all about receiving multiple pay cheques every month. If one programme should collapse, it is only a blip, because the others will keep producing.

I can’t say that I would recommend beginners to take on multiple programmes, because they need to learn IM the business first. When you’ve got to grips with how one works all the rest become quite easy to pick up.

There are IMers who stick to just one programme and make a very good living, but I wouldn’t take such a chance. In the early IM days there were programmes that insisted that their affiliates could not be affiliated to another company, none of them do it today, they wouldn’t dare! If you should come across one that does; avoid it like the plague.


In former years company loyalty was something that was demanded by those companies who really did have something to offer; secure employment, good holidays, social clubs, sickness benefits, pensions, they even had sports teams with departments dedicated to running them.

I used to hear reports that the employees of a well known vacuum cleaner company used to sing the company song before every shift!

That’s all gone.

But it’s residue lingers; doesn’t it?

So to that nice lady who doubted me, I have this to say:

An entrepreneur must be like a shopkeeper in that we need to have more than one article to sell. I’ve got five, four of which are interconnected. You can see them all clearly in the right hand column of my blog. And, I’ve got the sheer luxury of not being tempted into any other programmes, unless it has been introduced by somebody who I know and trust very well, and the programme is exceptional, I’ll take a look at it and that is probably all I’ll do.


Because, I’ve got enough on my plate as it is and I just don’t need any more, and I can ignore most of the crap that comes into my inbox.

All the best, and like, Arnie, “I’ll be back!”

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Sep 30 2014

Is There Such A Thing As Instant Money, Online?

Posted by Peter Fitzgerald in Internet Marketring

Yes there is, but it’s time consuming and it’s boring.

Having said that, my mind is drawn to thoughts of call centres, where they may deal with complaints, customer service, bad debts, enquiries, etc. etc.

Oh my God! What about those poor devils who call us ,to sell us things. You know how they all starts. How are you today? They say while mispronouncing our names.

It sounds more than boring. It sounds like torture to me!

So, does that mean that, filling in surveys, online is a better choice. Well, I suppose it does, but does it pay, and how does one go about it?

It can suit a lot of people, but such people have to be self disciplined, which is not easy for most people.

If you can handle a call centre type of job from home, it can be done.

But, there are pitfalls: Like any job, you must put in the hours, let’s say a minimum of six hours a day and five days a week. Those hours must be rigidly stuck to in order for you to make a living.

When you’re at home, it’s so easy to be diverted, and diversions must be resisted, because lack of such resistance will cost you money, instantly. Work at home mothers, for instance, need to schedule their time for when the children are at school or asleep, which means that you may be working in the evening or at night.

You get plenty of surveys to complete, and they’re all much the same, some pay more than others, but they are all as boring as an unfunny comedian! If ever you should feel bored silly, just tell yourself that it’s only temporary, and it’s just until something better comes along.

Participants have usually only ever been employees and don’t understand why they are asked for a fee of approx. thirty dollars to get the information they need to do the tasks.

Most will understand when it’s explained to them that it costs money to do the necessary research to provide a platform to work on. The information provider only gets that one fee, you get one hundred percent of all the survey fees, and you will be fully self employed.

The information provider is just that, and you will be paying for that information that allows you to save hours researching the subject yourself. If you think that it’s worth spending two or three days researching to save that money, go right ahead. If you know how, that is!

More information is available here:

Surveys are not the only choice. Helping large companies give away free gifts, is another.

Marginally less boring, the discipline required is much the same, and not only can you make good money, there is an additional money making option for you to consider. And, this one is free to join:

If I were stuck on the treadmill, I would put in a lot of hours and do both. In a matter of three or four months I would be off the treadmill and so could you be. Best of luck.

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